Waju Abraham Interviews Mystery Man Who Made N200,000,000 Under Lockdown

There are 31,536,000 Seconds in a year. In this special interview, Discover The EXACT Same Strategy that this Father of 2 Used to Transform His Entire Life making N10 PER SECOND -every second since lockdown.

NOTE: This live event has limited seating. And we like it that way. Only the most serious will attend. Others can go back to scrolling Facebook.



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Hunku Waju

Former civil-servant, turned transformational coach, bestselling author and mentor to multi-millionaires.

Just 4 years ago, Waju was a civil servant in Ekiti State earning painful peanuts. One tiny discovery gave him the drive to quit and build his business.

Beyond his skills in making money, Waju's deepest passion is to help people unf*ck their inner game so that they can attract the life they truly desire.


Mr X

No Face. No name. Everything will be revealed in the webinar.

One thing is certain though. Mr X is an average Nigerian, of average intelligence, who grew up in the village. But what he discovered (and applied) has made him over $1 MILLION -with proof.

He's going to be exposing how ANY Nigerian can do the same. No office required. No special skills required.